Isaiah Smith

is a Graphic Designer 🌈️
based 📍️ in New York City.

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“Fear and Loathing”

A self-initiated project in which I explore what a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie re-release could look like. As one of my favorite movies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a true pleasure to revisit and view from a more analytical perspective. For inspiration, I tapped into the designs I saw in my childhood.

Inspired by the movie title cards of my childhood, I set out to create a lockup that felt quintessentially 80s/90s while still posessing a modern typographic sensibility.

When designing the key art, I again leaned into the designs I saw in my childhood. A relatively common design practice I remembered seeing on VHS tape covers was using a still from the film rather than a posed or composited promotion photo, and housing it in a way that didn’t dominate the entire composition. The typefaces used in the key art reflect those used in the lockup. 
The subsequent rollout for this re-release campaign consists of three distinctly different experimental typographic treatments of some of my favorite quotes from the film. I wanted to steer away from the obvious choice to go heavy with psychedelic references, while still capturing that essence. What I came up with were designs that incorporated aspects of distortion, obstruction, and saturated color play which help elevate the designs from movie merchandise to pieces that can truly stand on their own.

The last piece in this project is a concept of a television commercial bumper for the network [adult swim] utilizing motion graphics and kinetic typography. I have always found the irreverent, deadpan style of [adult swim] bumpers to be mesmerizing, and felt that they evoked a strangeness that would fit this campaign perfectly.