Isaiah Smith

is a Graphic Designer 🌈️
based 📍️ in New York City.

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Fenty Skin

“Social Media”

A collection of projects I completed for Fenty Skin’s social channels.

Before & After Templates

Tasked with creating multi-use templates with a Gen Z aesthetic sensibility for Fenty Skin’s social channels, I utilized experimental image frames, engaging shapes, and modern type treatments. Additionally, I played with color and distorted gradients to capture that ubiquitous Gen Z look and feel, while staying true to Fenty Skin’s
brand guidelines.

Glamour Award, Motion

Asked to design an engaging & dynamic piece of motion content to celebrate Fenty Skin’s Glamour Award win, I worked to create an asset that incorporated the Glamour badge with the animation while ensuring the overall design wasn’t too overwhelming. Inspired by the product’s claim of being lightweight, yet potent and powerful, I developed the concept of rising text and a floating, weightless-looking animation.


In celebration of one of Fenty Skin’s top sellers, I was asked to design an exciting and dynamic piece of motion work for their Instagram. Due to the product being a skin cleanser and makeup remover, I was inspired to create an animation using bubbles, like the ones you would see when you wash your face. The result is a flashy, engaging asset that is sure the capture the viewer’s attention.