Isaiah Smith

is a Graphic Designer 🌈️
based 📍️ in New York City.

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The Karlssons


What I was listening to:
• naming
• identity
• web
I was challenged to craft a brand identity from scratch for the fictional Karlsson family as they transitioned their family-owned lumber business to a modern recycled & reclaimed materials hub that will also sell beautifully crafted furniture in the style of mid-century modern. For this rebrand, the Karlsson’s are looking for a new identity that reflects their values of quality and the environment, as well as appeals to the Scandinavian mid-century design scene in Minneapolis. Also requested was that the rebrand emphasize that they are a family-run business and for it to be clean and simple.

This project was created as a concept at Shillington Education in New York.

After a lot of idea generation, the name Hushåll was chosen. In Swedish, ‘hushåll’ translates to ‘family’ or ‘household’, which ties back to the client’s request for an emphasis on the family-run nature of their business, while also making reference to their Scandinavian roots.
The final logotype was crafted using a customized version of Bagnard Sans. All lowercase makes the name feel inviting and approachable, while the notches in some of the characters gives it a handmade sensibility.
The logomark is a smiling face created from elements in the logotype which aids in continuity and recognition, while also adhering to the request for it to be clean and simple.