Isaiah Smith

is a Graphic Designer 🌈️
based 📍️ in New York City.

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“Listen Differently”

What I was listening to:
• creative direction
• web
• app
• merch
• social media
What began as the development and wireframing of Polyphonic’s 2020 annual summary in the form of a microsite turned into a dynamic promotional campaign and visual identity rollout. The campaign process began with the creation of a slogan fitting for the company’s reputation of being unusual and eclectic and their championing of independent artists and labels. Landing on “Listen Differently”, I proceeded to craft a vibrant and dreamy gradient design system inspired by the concept of synesthesia and reflective of the feeling of hearing a great new song for the first time.

Polyphonic is a concept independent music streaming company. This project was created at Shillington Education in New York.



I created two AR filters to be used on Instagram or Facebook with the goal of allowing users to feel like they are “inside” the posters.