Isaiah Smith

is a Graphic Designer 🌈️
based 📍️ in New York City.

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Oat Milk


What I was listening to:
• packaging
• merch
• naming
• identity
• branding
Oat milk for architects… have you ever heard of such a thing? Through the challenge of creating a brand identity from scratch and then applying it to packaging that would appeal to a niche demographic (and secondarily, the average consumer), TECTO was conceived. The architectural concept of tectonics, which refers to the activity of raising construction to an art form, informed the name and provided a foundation for the identity and its design systems.

Created at Shillington Education in New York.
I channeled the articulation and precision of architects while crafting the logo using a bold sans-serif typeface, which I then customized by adding rectangular cutouts to reference the important geometric principles architects rely on to create structures.
For the packaging I continued the blueprint motif, using modular housing elements to create a feeling of organization and structure. Referring back to tectonics and the concept of elevating construction to an art form, I included some free-flowing illustrations that I created by imagining what the doodles on the side of an architect’s notebook might look like.